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Why Bio-focusing?

Medical science and most healing modalitie sare about being tools to manage the body and restore health. Biofocusing regards the body as evidence of holographic aliveness, a microcosm of the macrocosm, and looks at physiological details, emotional attitudes, mental orientation and sense of spiritual purpose. In short, it takes in as much of the whole story as possible, and aims for radical healing.

Prof Walter Harry Willies, the author of this concept, is the product of multi-disciplinary, formal and non-formal education. He has taught in schools, colleges and universities since 1977.
He has a BA in English, psychology and religious studies, as well as a post-graduate teaching diploma, and a B.Ed with electives in leadership and management, counselling and adult education, from UCT.
From the University of Fort Hare, he gained a post-graduate diploma in applied linguistics.
He earned a D.Litt in story therapy from Knightsbridge University, is a registered poetry therapist with NAPT in New York, and is a graduate of the BIH in London, in homeopathic medicine.
He has various certificates in energy medicine.

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Our very living is a natural focus that we should learn to use for maximum fruitfulness. Bio-focusing is a conceptual tool.
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You have changed the way I think forever. Thank you so much!
Peter Black Pretoria
I will highly recommend a personal training session with you to anyone, after experiencing it myself. Thank You.
D.Hughes Cape Town
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