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Biofocusing is a healing modality that listens to the body, points out the obvious, invites the subtleties and offers solutions to obstacles to health.

The Story Clinic

The use of story is a well-known tool for attracting, shaping, re-shaping and sustaining attention. Used for therapy, support groups, business and branding, with huge implications for religion and politics, the power of story is immense, and is a natural application of biofocusing.

The Story Clinic offers individual reading, group training, speaking engagements, organizational reflection and transformation as well as spiritual retreats.

What's your story?

Examples of topics and strategies include:

What the body says

The quest for an authentic story-teller

Fact, fiction and the lonely road

Coherence, group-narrative and dissension

Meta-story: infinite escapism

Characters, coincidence and karma

Creating on-the-spot stories, from lies to liberation

Knowing your myth

There are very many more

This is how the process works: we meet, we discuss requirements, we set out a programme, we engage and work through the programme and we reflect on the outcomes.



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Our very living is a natural focus that we should learn to use for maximum fruitfulness. Bio-focusing is a conceptual tool.
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You have changed the way I think forever. Thank you so much!
Peter Black Pretoria
I will highly recommend a personal training session with you to anyone, after experiencing it myself. Thank You.
D.Hughes Cape Town
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